September - "Ruby, Zoe, Teddy & Lily" Underdown

Name: Ruby & Zoe   D.O.B. 2nd June 2016

Name: Teddy            D.O.B. 9th May 2019

Name: Lily                D.O.B. 5th June 2019

Breed: Cavalier King Charles Spaniel


Roll up! Roll up! One and all! Meet the Underdown siblings –

Introducing…. Zoe! Have you got a dog that loves to chase anything that moves? That’s Zoe! Mice, bugs, moths, flies and lasers – they are all great to chase! What about reflections? Zoe just loves reacting to reflections as well! Zoe was the first of the Underdown furbabies, but not for long!


Introducing… Ruby! Ruby was the last of the litter, but she quickly found her home with her sister Zoe. Although she was the runt of her litter, Ruby is the rough and tough leader of her clan. Some might even say grumpy and dominating! Ruby is in charge, so look out if you do something that she doesn’t like; she will let you know.

Introducing… Teddy (the terror!) Like a tornado, he tears into anything and everything, in a blink of an eye. No food is a match for Teddy, as he makes sure that his vacuum setting is constantly turned on. Nothing is safe, and when desperate times call for desperate measures, he is quick to remember there is always the guinea pig veggies!

Introducing… Lily! Lily is the cuddle-bug. She loves to look cute, but don’t let that fool you! She suffers from Little Dog Syndrome, and thinks she is much bigger than all of the rest! She can often outmatch her bigger sisters because of this.


As individuals, the Underdown siblings all have very differing personalities. But together they are a united front of small, cuddly and loving guard dogs. It is a very important job that they all take very seriously. They are constantly watching their mum and dad, and making sure they are behaving. The number one rule is to never leave them alone!