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X-ray facilities available

Have you ever seen a broken bone? Or wanted to know how many puppies or kittens were due to be born soon?

Here at North Maclean Family Vet, we are lucky to have a state-of-the-art digital x-ray machine! This means we can get fantastic images of internal structures, to help with a speedy diagnosis of your sick/injured pet.

How many puppies can you see in this image?! Knowing how many births to expect is very helpful. While ultrasounds are great for checking the puppy or kitten's heartbeats and movements, it doesn't give as much clarity as an x-ray image does.

A cat that starts showing abnormal signs of urination might have something else going on that we can't tell with a physical examination. X-rays are helpful in showing a ruptured bladder, bladder stones or other obstruction, which then allows quick and targeted treatment.

Sometimes what we find surprises us too! This x-ray shows a complicated fracture in a cat's foreleg - caused by a bullet! This cat has now had surgery to amputate this leg and he could not be happier and more comfortable getting around!

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