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Wildlife Warriors

Did you know that we treat ALL wildlife?! Snakes, koalas, ducks, bats, kangaroos, birds, lizards - you name it, we treat it!

If you find a sick or injured animal, and can safely transport it into us, we will assess for any injuries or obvious signs of illness. This service is done free of charge. Where possible, we send our wildlife friends onto specific carers for rehabilitation and release, or onto organisations such as RSPCA for continued treatment and care.

If you are unable to get to the animal, or it is unsafe, please call the RSPCA hotline on 1300 ANIMAL and they can assist you.

If you have found an young bird that has fallen from its nest, you can place it in a bucket with sticks and foliage for protection, and the parents may still come down to feed and care for it. Beware of household pets endangering the bird further, and also keep an eye on whether the parent's are caring for the baby bird or not.

If you have found a bat, or your dog/cat has attacked a bat, please contact us straight away on 07 3297 0803. Do not touch the bat without protecting yourself, and if you are ever unsure contact us or RSPCA first before handling. Bat Lyssavirus and Hendra Virus can be transferred to people, so caution is always taken.

Sometimes we are extremely lucky to see and help protect some cute, fluffy, noisy, slithering, bouncing animals that call the land we reside in home. We will continue providing quick assessment and treatment of any injured or sick wildlife, so please remember to bring them in if you can!

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