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Victims of the bushfires

We have all seen the images - the Australian bushfires have been devastating! Not only is our beautiful land being destroyed, people's homes lost and lives destroyed, the native wildlife are also under direct attack. Local vets and wildlife hospitals are being inundated with mass amounts of burns victims, or animals suffering smoke inhalation/other injuries whilst trying to escape.

Over 1 million hectares of land have been burning in 300 fires across NSW and Queensland. Much of this is critical Koala Habitat - a species that is now considered “functionally extinct.”

There is a way to help! Dr Alex Hynes from Animal Emergency Services (and one of the new Bondi Vets) has set up a donation page to purchase the lifesaving medical supplies these animals need. You can donate here:

There is also a large call out for sewers/knitters to make and donate mittens for koalas with burnt feet/hands. One of the many templates circulating at the moment can be found below:

If you are able to help by making these, please contact your local wildlife rehabilitation centres or local veterinarian to see if they are in need or where they can be donated to.

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