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Show us your smile!

Let's face it, everyone loves a smile. Especially on our four legged friends! But when was the last time you had your pet's smile checked out? Are the teeth healthy? Is there evidence of periodontal disease?


We are nearing the end of our Dental Awareness Month, but want to remind you all that EVERY MONTH should be Dental Awareness Month! Your fur-baby's teeth are important! They need healthy teeth to eat, be happy and healthy and live a pain free life. So - when did you last get their smile checked out? We offer free dental checks all year round, so that we can provide you with an accurate and tailored dental management plan for your dog or cat. You can find more information about dental health and periodontal disease in our Client Resources tab - You can also watch our short video on Still have questions? Call or come and visit and ask us!


So I want to ask you one final time, when was the last time your dog or cat had their smile checked out? Let us help you today!

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