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All creatures great and small

We love our job, we really do. Some days we really do get to play with the cute puppies and kittens. Other days we treat sick pets, and fight for their lives. It is such a roller coaster job, but it helps to focus on the smaller things some times. Lately, I have been marveling over the wonderful variety of animals we have treated.

We have brought 12 puppies into the world, and helped a childcare pet turtle back to health.

We desexed a goat, and got to contribute to his fracture management plan. Check out this video of his stay with us (We had a little fun) and make sure you subscribe to our channel so you don't miss any more!

We triaged and rushed a very sick little puppy to the referral hospital, who needed to be placed on a ventilator for tick paralysis.

We got to meet a special little kitty who was rescued from a very young age, and continue preventative health care for a beautiful, but much bigger, girl.

We have met a young alpaca in training to assist in elderly care. We helped a mumma cat bring 3 thriving little kittens into the world.

It really does make me wonder what will walk through the door sometimes. Just today I was chatting with a client about a sick chicken... maybe it will be this? .......

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