October - "R-J" Pearson

Name: R-J (Rocky Junior)

D.O.B: 7th September 2003

Breed: Kelpie x Cattle Dog

G’day! My name is R-J. I am 16 years old, and in the prime of my life! I love telling stories, which is lucky because my life has been jam packed so I have lots of material to share!

I was one of 4 lucky puppies born to my beautiful black and tan (Kelpie) mum, and my striking dad (Blue Cattle Dog). As much as they don’t like to admit it, I was mum and dad’s favourite. All of my brothers and sisters were black and tan, but not me – I was special! It wasn’t until later on that I often heard the joke about the milkman…

Growing up, I loved to run. I think it was hardwired into my brain. I would just run and run and run all day, chasing any type of ball or stick. I wasn’t too fussy about what I was running after, I was just happy to be running. I also really loved to sun bake and show off my amazing body to anybody around me. Who wouldn’t want to look, right? Abs of steel!

They say everyone has a doppleganger. For me, it was Marlin. Who is Marlin, you ask? Do you remember that XXXX ad that featured a dog? That’s who I look like! How lucky am I? Man, Marlin is such a talented celebrity.


I am retired now, and have stepped down from the role of runner/chaser. I am a bit hard of hearing, and I admit that my eyes are slowly getting worse, but I still manage to get around! These days I just prefer to relax and chill on the patio. Don’t get me wrong, I am still active! I go for little walks around the park once or twice a week, and I make sure I catch up on all the local gossip on those visits.  You wouldn’t believe what Rosco and Billy got up to last week. Bella has fleas again and old Tex got the snip today. Poor guy, I know what he is going through.

I love to people-gaze and animal-gaze with my buddy Jed as I am relaxing on the patio. I also have 2 cats that keep me company – Pink Bits and Willy. I also like hanging out at the shed, and supervising my dad. So I am never alone, I am surrounded by great company.

They say I look a bit like a sheep in summer, and need to get a haircut. I am man enough to say that I really don’t mind a bit of pampering here and there. I take pride in my appearance and get my nails done regularly too. My age has also made me appreciate the finer luxuries – I now have my own bed that I get to sleep on at night. Mum and dad say it’s because I snore, but I don’t think they know what they are on about!

Anyway, that’s about enough for now. I will have many more stories to tell soon, but for now I am just going to lie here and dream about sticks for a while…..