Erica Young

Veterinarian & Practice Owner (BVsc (Hons))

Erica graduated from the University of Queensland in 2013. She grew up in the cold climate of New England, NSW, but has made sunny QLD her home since graduation. Since graduating, Erica has worked at a busy mixed animal practice in Jimboomba, and a busy small animal practice in Springfield. She has a keen interest in surgery and spends a lot of time outside of work studying from some of the best surgeons in South East Queensland. While surgery is her special interest, Erica loves all part of general practice.  She strives to provide an ‘all-around’ approach to her work, and values being able to provide the best care for her patients in all circumstances.

When Erica isn’t working or studying, she can often be found enjoying snuggles from her two cats, Hamish and Rory, and catching up on the latest sci-fi shows. You may also find her at the rifle range or at the gym working on her Aerial Silks performances.

Kylie McDonald

Veterinarian & Practice Owner (BVsc (Hons))

Kylie graduated from the University of Queensland with honours in 2012. She has worked in busy small animal practices in South East Queensland where she built up a loyal client base.  Kylie is passionate about complex anaesthesia cases, fluid therapy management, and the administrative side of veterinary work. Kylie grew up near Jimboomba, where her love of animals blossomed with pet cows, sheep, ducks, chickens, cats and dogs.

​In her spare time, Kylie loves spending time with her young family, baking delicious treats and making personalised gifts and home decor for her small hobby business. Kylie’s extended ‘fur family’ consists of ‘Ellie’ and ‘Jimmy’ (two Border Collie crosses) and ‘Tipsy’ and ‘Turvy’, two cheeky ginger rescue cats! 

Tiffany Murray

Veterinary Technician

Tiffany has been vet nursing since 2006. She has a Bachelor of Applied Science from the University of Queensland - majoring in Veterinary Technology. She grew up in Brisbane and can't imagine calling anywhere but Queensland home.

Tiffany has spent most of her career working in general practice, but has also spent time in Emergency & Specialist clinics. She is passionate about the client and patient journey in the vet clinic, and has a special place in her heart for hospital cases. Seeing a patient recover and go home to their families is one of the most rewarding things you can experience as a vet nurse.

On her days off you'll find Tiffany enjoying the great outdoors camping or soaking up the sun at the beach. She has 3 fur babies at home Rusty & Diesel (her dogs) and Missy (her cat).

Isabella Fogo

Veterinary Nurse

Isabella has completed her Certificate IV studies in Veterinary Nursing and in 2018, started her career in general practice. She has a love for senior pets and rescues and an interest in ophthalmology. Born in Indonesia, she is extremely passionate about saving the Orangutan and Sumatran Tiger.

When Isabella isn't studying or working, she's kept busy with her young family and their motorcycles. Isabella has 4 fur babies with the 2 boys being Milo and Biggie (Chihuahuas) and the 2 girls being Manis (DSH) and Smoosh (Calico/ Persian). All of which were rescued!

Madeline Kurtz

Trainee Veterinary Nurse

Madeline is currently finishing her degree in Veterinary Technology and is to graduate end of 2021. As well as this, she has completed a Certificate III in Companion Animal Services which focuses on behaviour and enrichment for our furry friends. Madeline has grown up not far from North Maclean in the suburbs around Logan where she has completed work experience in many small animal practices close by. 

​Being a junior vet nurse, many experiences are still very new and exciting. She is looking forward to building her knowledge and experiences, especially regarding wild and exotic animals. She has a particular interest in birds and small rodents as she has grown up around them her whole life. Currently, Madeline houses a 13-year-old Indian Ringneck parrot named Sunny (Yes, he is yellow), 2 cuddly rats named Vicky and Daria, and a 7-year-old Labrador-cross named Pebbles. 

​Madeline is passionate about finding new and exciting ways to enrich animals lives, will never turn down a beach trip and is always ready to cook up a storm.

Kristy Mills

Veterinary Nurse

Kristy has completed her Certificate IV studies in Veterinary Nursing, and is due to be finished in April 2021! She has already completed a Certificate II in Animal Companion.

Kristy has always had a very soft spot for our furry little friends. With her husband, she currently has 3 fantastic and loving canine friends – 1 x Dalmatian X – Lottie (our spotty rescue from North Qld), and 2 x German Shepherds – Kimball (The princess) and August (Mr high maintenance – also a rescue). All of the puppies (adults, but always puppies in our eyes), get along famously.

The newest addtiion to our team, Kristy is excited to continue her dream and get to know our local clients and their beautiful pets. She finds great satisfaction helping animals that are in need of medical care. She aims to treat every animal as her own when am nursing them at the clinic. She wants everyone to know that your pets will be talked to and patted at every opportunity and possibly given snuggles (if they are up for it!).



Ellie is a Border Collie Cross owned by Dr Kylie. She is very food orientated, and is the reason the food bin is locked down! She is very smart and loves her clicker training. She enjoys showing off her tricks at Kindy talks with Kylie, and really, to anyone that is holding food.


Jimmy is a Cattle Dog owned by Dr Kylie. He loves attention of any sort, and will happily sit with/on you and hold hands for hours!


Tipsy is a 3-legged amputee owned by Dr Kylie. She was rescued as a kitten. Tipsy loves to put herself all on display and pancake upside down! She may be quiet, but she is always close by Kylie and the kids! She loves running around with her soulmate, Turvy.


Master Turvy is owned by Dr Kylie, and proudly takes the position of problem child in the fur-family! Kylie fostered Turvy for a long weekend, and he never left! He craves attention so much he loses his voice crying/looking for Kylie! Turvy has had a congenital diaphragmatic hernia repaired by Dr Erica, and pulled through like a trooper! He shares his day sleeping on all the kids beds, but loves to sleep on Kylie's chest the most. His loud purr keeps her awake. He loves to keep Tipsy on her toes but wouldn't be without his playmate.


Hamish is a Domestic Short Hair that Dr Erica adopted as a 10-week-old kitten from an abandoned litter — she hadn't even had her first shift when she decided to take him! He is very vocal and loves to chat and snuggle. Hamish is too clever for his own good — he has learned to open doors if they have handles! He is the resident hunter/sock thief, but sometimes mixes it up with small toys too.

Hamish is the cheeky older brother to Rory -- he kicks him off the best beds and steals his food, but does love him. Dr Erica frequently finds them snuggling together, playing together and grooming each other.


Dr Erica adopted Rory when he was 8 week olds, from another abandoned litter! He isn't much of a cuddler unless it's cold, but loves to slink around your legs and enjoys pats. He smooches very aggressively when it's dinner time!

Rory takes his yoga very seriously -- he stretches multiple times a day, he's the stretchiest cat Dr Erica has ever seen! Sometimes he will put his front feet on your slippers, or the egg-carton-toy on the floor, then stretch forwards, and he will go sliding down the hallway! (Known as the Stretchy-Slides in our house)

Rory also enjoys a good chat, especially if you're unloading the dishwasher! The sound of the dishes and cutlery being put away makes for a very intense discussion! (Known as Dishwasher Chats)

Rory is usually the instigator of play time, but he tries to be sneaky about it, he will sit innocently next to Hamish and then will bite Hamish's foot! Then there is a lot of chasing and wrestling; they both love it!


August is owned by Nurse Kristy. August was a rescue dog. He has many nicknames including The Lamb, because he thinks he is still 10kgs and love to sit on the couch with mum and dad.


Kimball is owned by Nurse Kristy. She is also known as The Cho. She has a big brother and a spotty sister. Spotty and Kimball like playing games early in the morning to wake everyone up........really early!!! 


I'm Lottie (The Spot), the latest edition to Nurse Kristy's family. I'm really lucky. I am a rescue dog from way up north. I have a great home now with a big, big brother and cool sister. I like to nibble on their ears and paws.


Rusty is owned by Nurse Tiffany, and always wants to play! He could spend his whole day swimming in the pool. He is obsessed with water!


Diesel is owned by Nurse Tiffany. He is a Bull Mastiff Cross. He is a gentle giant, who thinks he's a small lap dog. Diesel enjoys lots of cuddles on the lounge. 


Kofu is owned by Nurse Tiffany. He is a Wolfound X Kelpie. He was adopted by Tiffany at 9years of age! Even though he is a senior he is still super active and loves to run! 


Missy is owned by Nurse Tiffany, and is a Domestic Short Hair. She was a stray kitten brought into the clinic that Tiffany took home for a long weekend, and she never left. Her favourite hobby ..  sleeping!


Sunny is an Indian Ringneck Parrot owned by Nurse Madeline. He does anything for attention and loves a head scratch almost as much as he loves stealing your food.


Daria is a sweet, old girl owned by Nurse Madeline. She is a fancy rat who has been through it all. Daria loves cuddling up in a warm blanket with her favorite snack (peas).


Pebbles is a Labrador cross who is owned by Nurse Madeline. She's a super clever girl who knows a lot of tricks but always steal other dogs toys at the beach. 


Smoosh is owned by Nurse Isabella. She is the Queen of the castle and all of her humans are dirty little rascals (in her eyes). She yells for her food and won't stop until she gets it. And if the bowl is found empty again, she definitely won't let you forget it.

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