May - "Peanut" Wellington

Name: Peanut 

D.O.B: 15th June 2017

Breed: Bull Mastiff x American Staffy

Hello! My name is Peanut! Isn’t life great?! I just love life! I have the best family. I got my new family when I was tiny, and only 7 weeks old! Boy was I the lucky one! My family is just the best! I know I am the best thing to ever happen to them. It’s obvious, isn’t it?!

Why do I love life, you ask? Well, that is kind of a tricky question – because there are so many reasons! I love people – all people – especially little kids! I am super lucky and have 2 nieces to look after. It is a super important job, but I am nailing it! I make sure they aren’t going to get hurt and aren’t in any danger. I know they are special people, so I make sure I play gentle with them – I try to avoid jumping games with them, as I know that is a bit rough.

I also love toys! I mean, who wouldn’t??! Toys are so much fun, especially balls and ropes – they are my favourite! I am super lucky, and I have lots of toys to play with. I like to lead a simple life – so my mantra is one toy a day. Each morning, I decide which toy I feel like playing with for the day – then I devote all of my attention to that toy for the day! No need for other toys, they are just a distraction! My family still try to play with other toys that aren’t the “chosen one” – they soon remember that it’s just not what I do.

I love my special spot. My special spot is my chair on the back porch. It is the closest one to the dining room window, which is perfect so I can keep an eye on my family when they are inside! I need to make sure they are always safe, so I watch them through the window occasionally…sometimes…okay, okay, all the time!  But I always do it in stealth mode so they don’t see me.  And sometimes I need one of my toys to help protect my family.  It really is the perfect spot for me, I love it!

I am so lucky to have my life, and I bet you are jealous of me too! Don’t worry, if I see you around I will make sure to say hello and we will be friends forever!