June - "Tammy" Fisher

Name: Tammy

Age: 6 years old

Breed: Australian Bulldog

Hello, my name is Tammy! I am only new to my family, but I just love them so much already. I have been a mother 7 times already, and I just loved my kids. But enough was enough – I was lucky to be rescued by Ally and the family. This time, I have let Jenny be the mum, and it is so much better!

Instead of raising kids, I now spend my days playing with my new brother Baxter. We both love going to the beach! He can be a little bit annoying sometimes, because he steals some of my pats! I make sure to push him out of the way as often as possible though. Mum keeps mentioning this phrase called personal space, but I really don’t like the idea so I just choose to ignore it.

I like to relax at home – after I have had my smooches and pats, I love to have a bit of a snooze on the couch (tongue out of course, I am a lady after all!).