August - "Diesel" Bourchier

Name: Diesel

D.O.B. 13th May 2019

Breed: English Staffy

Hello! My name is Diesel. I am still getting used to this name, but I think I like it already. I have only been living with my new family for a few weeks. I wasn’t sure about the change at first, but after a few days I realised that I actually love it! I get spoilt lots, I get a huge amount of cuddles and I get to play all the time! I live with a cat and 2 birds – this definitely keeps me busy!

I have already trained my family, that when I stand at the back door they know that I need to go to the toilet. Sometimes, to keep them on their toes, I don’t need to do a wee – I want to play instead! They call me cheeky when I do this. I think that is a good nickname.

Playing all day long is super tiring, so I make sure I get my beauty sleep all night – no interruptions from me! But sleeping all night long means I am ready to play straight away every morning – time to wake the family up as soon as it is daylight!

I am lucky that I have so many great toys to play with – but I decided that my favourite toy is mum’s old slipper. I made sure I gave her my best puppy dog eyes when I took it. Check out my photos and see if you can resist me, I think I have got it down pat now. I think this family is going to work out just fine; I already love them like they love me.