April - "Macy" Whatmore

Name: Macy-May

Show name: Kydron Beyond Beautiful

Dad’s name: Wencyn Ngo Dup (Sparky) – Australian Champion

Mum’s name: Tyju Bold and Beautiful (Sandy) – Australian Champion

D.O.B: 15th January 2016

Breed: Tibetan Spaniel

Hello! My name is Macy! I was adopted by my loving family when I was 10 weeks old.  Mummy wanted me to be her best friend, and I am, but really my heart belongs to daddy.  I like to think I am his little princess. I am best friends with the kids in my family – I can’t wait for them to get home from school so I can bark and wag my tail to say hello and tell them how much I have missed them! Once I finally let them through the front door, I make sure they all get covered in lots of kisses!

I also love my mummy and daddy. Mummy gives amazing back scratches – she uses her finger nails to get the job done right!  Before I let daddy go to bed, I have a chat with him, and ask him to give me more back scratches and belly rubs. He listens to me every night, and boy I love these cuddles!

My life with my family is so much fun. I love doing zoomies around the house and backyard with my brother (same mum, different dad – we came from a new-age family); it always makes everyone laugh! There is nothing better than rubbing my belly along the gravel on the driveway – it feels so good that I have made this part of my daily routine!

I make sure my days are kept full, and always stay busy. I love to chase the grasshoppers and lizards (can’t let them get too close to my family!), I make sure I get lots of beauty sleep, and I keep guard at the door every time mummy needs to go to the toilet. Just in case the monsters appear.

Sleeping is very important, and I am lucky to have lots of beds in the house! My favourite beds to sleep in are my queen bed (which I let one of the kids sleep in) or my king sized bed (I let mummy and daddy sleep in this one).

My family are so good to me – I am super lucky to have so many toys! My favourite toys are mummy’s pink rabbit, the Christmas Elf and lots of plush toys (mummy keeps referring to them as the kid’s toys… she still doesn’t understand that they are mine!

I love my family so much, and I know they love me. I am so happy to share my story with you!